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Dance Production

SKIN is the third and final part of a trilogy by Freiburg-based dancer and choreographer Emi Miyoshi, which deals with the feeling of loneliness and being connected to each other in a variety of ways.

While Morning Flower (2020) focused on the theme of human relationships and RELAY-tionship (2021) dealt with feeling one's own self, SKIN literally gets under the skin.

Like an organism, the two dancers Anna Kempin and Kirill Berezovski unite on stage, search for closeness, strive apart again and repel each other. The energetic, thoroughly sensory body language visualizes the oscillating stages of intimacy. Breath, body sounds and the rhythmic heartbeat of the two actors are formed by means of digital technology (Ephraim Wegner) to

a soundscape that creates a feeling of immediacy in the auditorium.

Audience and performers come closer to each other step by step, comparable to a zoom.

layer by layer through the mutually protective shell of the skin. How much closeness is bearable?

In a society increasingly marked by isolation due to demographic change,

which, due to the pandemic situation, is also confronted with an absence of physical closeness and increasing social tensions, the deficit of touch is growing.

Emi Miyoshi and the SHIBUI collective counter the associated feeling of social and emotional alienation with various artistic means.


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